Welcome to Another Kind of Mind: A Different Kind of Beatles Podcast. We’re a collective of artists, musicians, and professionals who challenge established narratives about the band with irreverent commentary, educated criticism, and original, thought-provoking analysis.


“I always felt the split was a mistake in many ways.” -John Lennon, 1976.

In this series, Phoebe and Daphne will argue that the breakup of the Beatles was an accident, the result of insecurity, hurt feelings and misread signals. Backed by rigorous research, we’ll analyze the events between September 1969 and April 1970 with probity, thoughtfulness and empathy.

Episode One will examine the divorce meeting that triggers the six-month-long standoff between John & Paul. We'll discuss Paul’s reactions, both in the moment and over the following week. We’ll also dissect some striking statements from John in a revealing interview he gives just days after the divorce meeting.


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You Never Give Me Your Money THE BEATLES (1969)
The End THE BEATLES (1969)
Glasses PAUL MCCARTNEY (1970)
Cold Turkey (demo) JOHN LENNON (1970)
Dizzy Miss Lizzy PLASTIC ONO BAND (1969)
Sun King THE BEATLES (1969)
Don’t Let Me Down 28.45 THE BEATLES (1969)
Kreen-Akrore PAUL MCCARTNEY (1970)
Because THE BEATLES (1969)
Child of Nature THE BEATLES (1968)
Everybody’s Talking NILSSON (1969)
Momma Miss America PAUL MCCARTNEY (1970)

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