Welcome to Another Kind of Mind: A Different Kind of Beatles Podcast. We’re a collective of artists, musicians, and professionals who challenge established narratives about the band with irreverent commentary, educated criticism, and original, thought-provoking analysis.

Episode two of our series provides a comprehensive examination of Paul’s state of mind in autumn of 1969. We discuss the deluge of problems he faces and consider how this confluence of issues triggers one of the worst episodes of Paul’s life. How might this depression have impacted Paul’s ability to interpret and respond to John’s continuing attempts to communicate through the media?

We dissect four key interviews (and a surprisingly overt personal gesture) from John, identifying and tracking the gradual evolution of his outreach to Paul as the communication gap between the two men grows ever wider and deeper.


You Never Give Me Your Money THE BEATLES (1969)
Cold Turkey PLASTIC ONO BAND (1969)
Cold Turkey (live Lyceum Ballroom) PLASTIC ONO BAND (1969)
I’ll Be Home for Christmas THE BEACH BOYS (1964)
Man We Was Lonely PAUL MCCARTNEY (1970)



John Lennon Interview w/ John Small WKNR-AM (October 22, 1969)
“Paul is Still With Us” Paul McCartney LIFE Interview (Nov 7, 1969)
“The Ex-Beatle Tells His Story” Paul McCartney LIFE Interview (March 1971)
"Meet the Beatles: A Cultural History Of The Band That Shook Youth, Gender and The World" by Steven D. Stark. (2005)
“This is your brain on fatherhood: Dads experience hormonal changes too, research shows” By Alan Boyle NBC News (June 15, 2013)
“Beatles are on the Brink of a Split” (Dec 13, 1969)
George Harrison Interview Howard Smith, WABC-FM New York (April 25/May 1, 1970)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono interview with Marshall McLuhan in Toronto (Dec 21, 1969)
A Private Talk w/ Ritchie Yorke (Dec 23, 1969)
Peter McCabe and Robert Schonfeld, St Regis (Sept 5, 1971)
Tune In, Mark Lewisohn (2013)

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