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When John’s attempts to lure Paul back to the fold prove unsuccessful, he orchestrates one final outrageous maneuver. But John’s actions are another miscalculation; Paul responds irately to John’s tactics and further digs in his heels with a combative questionnaire inserted into press copies of his McCartney LP. 

Early April shows an escalation in the acrimony between Lennon and McCartney, and by the end of Episode 4, the floodgates are open and the Breakup of the Beatles irreversibly begins.

You Never Give Me Your Money THE BEATLES (1969)
Valentine Day PAUL McCARTNEY (1970)
Momma Miss America (1970)
Kreen Akrore PAUL McCARTNEY (1970)
Teddy Boy PAUL MCCARTNEY (1970)
Teddy Boy THE BEATLES (1969)



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