Welcome to Another Kind of Mind: A Different Kind of Beatles Podcast. We’re a collective of artists, musicians, and professionals who challenge established narratives about the band with irreverent commentary, educated criticism, and original, thought-provoking analysis.

1975 and 76 represent a pivotal moment for John Lennon, and his choices at this juncture determine his fate in his final years. Episode Three is a deep exploration of John’s ongoing inner conflicts: his lasting trauma over the Beatles breakup; his susceptibility to Yoko’s continuing mind games; his predilection for jealousy and insecurity. 

All this, plus the long shadow cast by the nightmarish Primal Scream Therapy John underwent at the hands of Arthur Janov. It’s a topic which usually slides under the radar of Beatles discourse—until now. AKOM’s hard, probing look at Janov reveals his therapy’s catastrophic effects on John’s psyche and on the Lennon-McCartney relationship. 

Ultimately, John chooses not to revive his partnership with Paul McCartney in New Orleans. How does this alter the course of their renewed relationship? And how does John's eventual descent into depression, paranoia and superstition alter both his feelings for and perception of Paul?

TW: Psychological abuse, homophobia


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